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Alumna Khatia Esartia’s Exhibition ‘Ich habe meinen Regenschirm vergessen’ at Marisa Newman

29 Jun 2018

Not to be missed, alumna Khatia Esartia’s exhibition ‘Ich habe meinen Regenschirm vergessen’ (I have forgotten my umbrella) at Marisa Newman in New York.

The exhibition runs until 28 July and the title refers to a note found isolated in quotation marks among Friedrich Nietzsche’s unpublished manuscript Nachlass. While different interpretations have been put forward to explain the oddly placed sentence, most scholars prefer Jacques Derrida’s idea that Nietzsche's inscription is open to any number of meanings. The title of Esartia's show is thus at once, a misdirection, a ploy to bait the viewers into searching for the one element that should be missing in the presented works, and an affirmation that all works can be open to more than one reading.

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