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Jane joined Christie’s in 1988. She was quickly appointed to the 20th Century Decorative Arts department as a specialist where she worked for seven years.  During that time she developed many sales categories including Lalique Glass, Art Deco Sculpture and Clarice Cliff pottery.

In 1995 Jane was promoted to Head of Department for Ceramics and Glass and was one of the firm’s leading female auctioneers.

In 1998 she moved into the Old Master Paintings department as Business Manager. Two years later she was promoted to International Business Director for the firm’s Old Master & 19th Century Paintings and Drawings Division, which within a year had expanded to encompass Furniture and Decorative Arts. She had executive responsibility for creating the strategy of both divisions and for executing and maintaining all aspects of the plan on a global basis.  There are many highlights from this period of her career, notably the famous series of Rothschild sales and the sale of the Badminton Cabinet, an 18th century masterpiece which twice achieved the status of the most expensive piece of furniture in the world when it was sold in 1990, and again in 2004.

In 2002, Jane was appointed Managing Director of Christie’s UK. As Managing Director she was responsible for the leadership and management of the core sales categories in the UK and the business development functions supporting those sales, which take place in London at King Street St James and Old Brompton Road South Kensington. This was a significant portion of Christie’s business and by 2012 comprised total revenues of approximately £220m a year, supported by a staff of 200 under Jane’s leadership.

During that time Christie’s South Kensington underwent a major strategic review and completely refocussed on their customer experience, which resulted in expanding the opening hours to seven days a week, refurbishment of the building, improving customer service at all levels and refining the selections of works on offer. This doubled sales revenue over 10 years and was the foundation of today’s transformed business.

After 16 years immersed in the auction business Jane was appointed International Managing Director of Christie’s Education in 2012, stepping down from her role as Managing Director of Christie’s UK in 2014. Since that time Christie’s Education has successfully launched new master’s degrees in Art, Law and Business first in London and then in New York, and will offer a Masters of Fine Art in Curating Contemporary Art from 2017. In addition there has been an expansion of continuing education globally including notable partnership programmes with the China Europe International Business School of Shanghai, the Cheung Kong Business School of Beijing, and Hong Kong University.

During her career at Christie’s Jane also served for five years as chair of the Christie’s Pension Scheme and currently is a trustee of the Christie’s Employee Trust and the Christie’s Education Trust which offers bursaries to students who otherwise would not have the funds to study.

Jane has a BA (Hons) degree in History with Economics from The University of Manchester and an MA (Hons) in African History and African Art from The School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Purpose and Mission of Christie's Education

Purpose and Mission of Christie's Education

Christie’s Education offers postgraduate degree programmes in London and New York, covering all aspects of art business, art market studies, art practice and history of art. Our Master's degrees specialise in Modern and Contemporary Art and the Market and Art, Law and Business.

Christie’s Education also offers continuing education programmes in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. These complement the degree awards and are designed to support those with general interest who would like to be better equipped to participate in the global art market as collectors, academics and entrepreneurs. Christie’s Education continuing education programmes are seen as an introduction for new clients to Christie’s auction house.

The purpose and mission of Christie’s Education has several components:

  • A provider of a world class education that will enable students to join the art world by equipping them with both the intellectual and the professional skills required to achieve first-class employment outcomes.
  • A talent pipeline for Christie’s as the preferred recruitment channel for entry-level staff into both specialist and support functions within the Company.
  • A continuous touchpoint for Christie’s customers throughout the whole of their client journey, from those with the enthusiasm to collect art to seasoned collectors or industry professionals who wish to see their children follow them.
  • A strategic arm supporting Christie’s as it develops new geographies and markets.
  • A vital part of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility charter both by sharing knowledge and by widening participation to a diverse audience from schoolchildren onwards.

The responsibilities of the International Managing Director include:

  • Ensuring that Christie’s Education complies with all National regulation, qualification and accreditation frameworks.
  • Ensuring that that the student experience is at the forefront of all operational and strategic decision making.
  • Managing three teams across three continents.
  • Creating and implementing the strategy for Christie’s Education.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the visibility of Christie’s Education within the Company, across the education sector and the art world globally.
  • Maintaining the brand and reputation of Christie’s Education and Christies.