Meet our Alumni

Nianchen Sha

Senior Writing Tutor & Art History Lecturer, Art & Creativity Global

Q. How long have you worked at your current company and what positions have you held there?

My current company is Art & Creativity Global, an education agent specialising in the study of art and design overseas. I have been working there for about 2 years, my current title is Senior Writing Tutor & Art History Lecturer.

My job includes assisting students in writing their artist statement, academic writing, and teaching art history. I find most of the art students underestimate the significance of writing, without realising that writing is a vital medium to formulate and convey their ideas. As a graduate with five years of study experience in Western and Chinese art history, I have the ability to discover every student's most individual and valuable ideas in art and design. I also teach art history to assist students preparing to study abroad and I connect their artistic creativity within a broader cultural and historical context. As an art historian, I am very glad to assist all those future artists and designers in pursuing their dreams.

Q. How has Christie’s Education helped your career?

Firstly, Christie's Education provides a wide range of topics within each course.  For example, on the Arts of China programme, we covered a range of topics from ancient bronzes to ceramics, to contemporary Chinese art. We as students could choose the topics which interested us and learnt from leading lecturers (one of the great advantages of Christie's Education is that it can always invite leading experts in the fields to give students lectures). 

Secondly, Christie's Education really puts a real emphasis on the importance of the art world in general. Not only the academic side of the art but also its market, social and even legal sides. For example, our visits to private collectors and art dealers required a certain amount of communication skills and etiquette. I was very impressed by one lecture, which was given by a former Scotland Yard Police Officer on the topic of legal issues of antiques. It really helped me learn about the complexity of related issues such as the repatriation of ancient artefacts. All the knowledge and skills provided by Christie's Education were essential to me when I stepped into the art world after graduation.

Q.What was your favourite aspect of studying at Christie’s Education?

Handling sessions and visits to collectors’ homes. Handling sessions are essential for the study of objects. When you handle an object, you feel its texture, weight, temperature. It is not only an academic process but also an intimate way to appreciate the beauty of art.

Q. Can you describe your experience at Christie’s Education in 3 words?

Engaging, inspiring, challenging.

Q. Do you have any advice for new graduates?

Don't rush to find a job. Get first-hand experience in the art world. Go to auction houses, antique dealers, galleries, and museums to see the differences, and if possible, talk to people working there (we have alumni working in all of these institutions). Find out what really interests you and then work hard at it.