Meet our Alumni

Nadia Zayan

Gallery Sales, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery

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Q. How did your time at Christie’s Education prepare you for your career afterwards?

The art market is very nuanced and complex and I felt doing an intensive 15 month course really prepares students for what’s to come. Theoretically speaking you get a very solid understanding of the market, all of its characteristics: the legal issues, the different collecting categories, the different international markets, etc. It leaves you in a position where you feel very knowledgeable. The work placement at the auction house was a great insider experience and really helped to prepare us practically as well.

Q. What were some of the key things you learnt while studying with us?

Two really important things I learnt were, firstly, the ability to present for 20-30 minutes without any notes. This was something I was not initially good at but with practice and encouragement from the programme director, I can now do this very well and it’s a skill that I use day to day in my current role. Secondly, is thinking about things from a legal perspective. Law was not something I had previously studied and the exposure I had to it on the programme really left me in a position where I was able to understand key concepts which are very useful in a commercial environment.

Q. What was your career path once you graduated?

When I completed the Master’s, I ended up doing an internship with a design dealer at Masterpiece art fair. Following that I started working at a contemporary gallery in Mayfair – Vigo. I was there for two and a half years as assistant manager. I did everything from accounts to logistics to sales and marketing. It was a real 360 degree role which really allowed me to flourish as an art world professional for the first time.

Q. What does your current role entail?

My current role is at Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery and is much more sales focused than my previous role. What that involves is making sure our clients have all been contacted in advance of a new exhibition at the gallery, that they receive all of the relevant information. I have to understand the artworks and artists, the concepts and ideas thoroughly and have to be able to communicate those to our clients. The ultimate objective is to negotiate sales and place the artworks in the right hands.