Meet our Alumni

Meave Lawler

Assistant to the Director, Acquavella Galleries, Inc.

Q. What aspects of studying at Christie’s Education did you enjoy most?

I loved our weekly field trips. Whether it was to the conservation department at the Met, a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art or to an emerging artist’s studio in Brooklyn, I found the first-hand interaction with various facets of the art world to be the most interesting and informative.

Q. What were your ambitions when studying with us, and how closely has your career followed them?

To be honest, when I started at Christie’s Education I had no clue what part of the art world I wanted to work in. I was open to any path, and the program gave me the opportunity to learn about what might be the best route for me. Through various guest speakers and my internship, I realized the gallery world was where I wanted to be.

Q. How did your degree assist your career path?

Other than helping me decide that I wanted to work in a gallery, I actually met my current boss, Michael Findlay, through the program.  

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
I never take for granted that I get to spend all day surrounded by beautiful art. 
Q. What would your advice be to our current students looking to start their careers in the art world?
Keep an open mind and always be willing to say ‘yes’ to an opportunity – you never know what might pique your interest until you try it.