Meet our Alumni

Kyra Mitchell

Appraisals Coordinator, Estates, Appraisals & Valuations, Christie’s, New York

Q. How long have you worked at Christie’s and what positions have you held there? 

I have been with Christie’s since December 2014 when I was chosen for a two-week work-experience with the Victorian Art Department at King Street. After demonstrating my passion for the role, my internship was extended for another eight months while I completed my Master’s Degree. The day after I turned in my thesis, I began working as a Junior Administrator for the Proposals Department in London. When my visa expired, I moved to New York to be the Personal Assistant and Administrator for both Chairmen in the Old Master Paintings Department at Christie’s. I am now the Appraisals Coordinator in the Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Department. It's been wonderful to see so many sides of the Auction House.

Q. How has Christie’s Education helped your career?

Without a doubt, choosing to do my Master’s with Christie’s Education presented me with opportunities that have led me to where I am today. The best example would be the work experience I did in December 2014. By being placed within the auction house, I was able to learn firsthand what happens behind the scenes and create my own valuable connections from which everything else followed.

Q. What was your favorite aspect to studying at Christie’s Education?

This is difficult to answer because whenever I was asked how things were going, my response was consistently: “This is hands down one of the best years of my life.” The people I met, the professors who taught me, the friends I made, the academic trips we took, the art I was exposed to, the things I learned, the challenges I faced…the list goes on. One of the highlights was seeing objects projected in lectures in the mornings, and then heading to museums in the afternoon to see those same objects in the flesh. It was the academic adventure of a lifetime, and I really grew from it. I still keep in touch with my directors and fellow alumni to this day; we were (and still are) like a family.

Q. Can you describe your experience at Christie’s Education in 3 words?

A phenomenal experience.

Q. What would you tell someone thinking of studying at Christie’s Education?

If you have the opportunity to do so, take it. Christie’s Education has given me the tools to further my career and guide me in my professional path. It was an international experience that exposed me to a new culture and an entirely accessible world of ancient art, and as a result, has given me an unparalleled understanding of all things Fine Art.