Meet our Alumni

Joey Quigley

Associate Vice President, Account Manager, Estates, Appraisals and Valuations, Christie’s, New York

Q. How has Christie’s Education helped your career?

I would definitely not be where I am now without the help of Christie’s Education New York. I was expecting a rigorous, in-depth look at the art world, but I wasn't expecting the breadth of art history that we were taught in such a short amount of time. It really is true that one's expertise matters in the art world (there are so many with lots of flash but little substance). I'm happy that CENY gave me knowledge that allows me to be secure in my opinions, and the ability to express those opinions coherently to others.

Q.What was your favourite aspect about studying at Christie’s Education?

I was very impressed by the practicality of the integrated curriculum. The course brings you out of the classroom and into the art world to experience first-hand all of the different systems, players, objects, and categories of art. 

Q.Can you describe your experience of Christie's Education in 3 words?

Durand-Ruel changed everything.

Q. What did Christie’s Education help you discover about New York?

When I started at Christie’s Education New York, I was comfortable going to museums and art fairs, but had always been intimidated by the gallery experience. Our gallery crawls with Professor Nichols to Chelsea and the Lower East Side really opened up my world, and have created a mini-addiction! I go almost every weekend now.

Q. What was your favourite gallery while you were studying?

Honestly, my favorite experiences were the sale previews at Christie's auction house. It was wonderful to get a demystified, first-hand, access to remarkable art from some of the leading specialists in the field.

Q. Who were your favourite lecturers, either faculty or visiting speaker?

There were too many to name, but particularly special were Noah Kupferman, Michael Findlay, Suzanne Hudson, James Cohan, and the incomparable Marissa Kayyem.