Celebrating Female Agency in the Arts - Christie's Education Symposium

Women in the Art World: The Future is Bright?

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The final panel of the conference addresses the future of women in the art world. Broadly speaking the art world is understood as the totality of global artistic, cultural, social, political and economic infrastructures and relationships, which form the material and intellectual context in which art is being produced, distributed, perceived and valued. 

As the program of the conference presents research on various subjects related to the past and present, the aim of the final panel is to investigate certain phenomena that are relevant for the position of women in the future. We  look at the subject from a wide perspective in order to recognise social, cultural and art-historical tendencies that might influence women’s work as artist, curator, collector, dealer, art critic, audience and who knows? as muse. Each of five participating panelists bring her or his specific approach to the art world, some of them as insiders, others as experts operating outside the territory of the arts. 


Marta Gnyp

Course dates

June 26 - 27, 2018

Christie's New York
20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020


Marta Gnyp is a Dutch art historian based in Berlin active as international art advisor, author and art collector specialized in post-war and contemporary art. As both, insider and researcher of the art world she regularly contributes to theoretical investigations in the art field. Her book The Shift. Art and the Rise to Power of Contemporary Collectors based on her PHD research at the University of Amsterdam forms the first systematic academic study on facts and myths of contemporary collecting. The book has been translated into German in 2017. Gnyp observes and analyses various phenomena in the shifting art world having first-hand experiences and direct access to information. Her focus of interest, which she has also discussed during various lectures, has been among other things private museums, morality of the art field and the market of older women artists. Gnyp’s new book You, me and art is scheduled for release in the summer 2018 with Skira Publishers. 

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